Southbury, Connecticut
                                      Incorporated 1787 

Welcome to Southbury’s website. For residents of Southbury, this site provides information on Town services and programs, volunteer opportunities, youth activities and associated satellite organizations; and it also is a source of information in case of emergencies or natural disasters. We plan to continue to improve and increase the interactivity of this website to enable more online registrations, applications and payments.

For visitors who are curious about the Town of Southbury, we provide history, economic, education and social information to enable you to get a flavor of this truly wonderful town and to entice you to visit us in person. To this end, we plan to actively publicize or market this website so people are more aware of its capabilities and contents.

For those who are contemplating starting a business in Southbury, we have a commerce-friendly attitude, and provide useful information about the economics and workings of our town. In addition, we try to provide a seamless, simple transition from prospective business-owner to a member of Southbury’s business community.

Our goal is to provide timely, useful information for every visitor. If you have suggestions on how our website may be more helpful or user-friendly, please contact us. Please take time to browse the website and learn for yourself that Southbury is a great town in which to live, raise a family, do business and retire.

Thank you.

Ed Edelson.

 First Selectman, Ed Edelson

Ed Edelson, First Selectman