Dog Park

The Town of Southbury is fortunate to have the use of land owned by O & G Industries as a dog park. This cooperative venture with O & G Industries, the Town of Southbury and Friends of the Southbury Dog Park has been an overwhelming success. The property is located off of Roxbury Road (RT.67) across from the Red Horse Stables. The entrance is through the O & G Industries' entrance, on the right a short distance in. Owners can bring their dog(s) to enjoy the company of other dogs, to play a game of fetch, or go for a dip in the stream. It is an off-leash area for dogs.


Dog owners are reminded that the park is not fenced in on all sides, and adherence to a few common sense rules will make your visit an enjoyable experience.


  • Don't leave your dog unattended
  • You must pick up after your dog
  • Fill any holes dug by your dog
  • Aggressive dogs are not permitted
  • Dogs in heat are not allowed
  • No dogs under four (4) months old
  • Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated
  • Children must be under the close supervision of an adult

To become a member of Friends of the Southbury Dog Park, please contact Friends of the Dog Park, 1021 Old Field Road, Southbury, CT 06488.