Board of Finance

John A. Michaels Chairman

Thomas J. Connor Member
Joan Gillespie Member
Richard R. Hill Member
Arthur Mulligan Member
John L. Reilly Member
Brian P. Emerick Alternate
Robert Langley Alternate
Jennifer L. Tokarczyk Alternate

Mission/General Information:

Membership: Six members plus three alternates elected for four year terms on a rotating basis. Meets monthly, except July and August, more frequently during budget season.

Powers and Duties: The Board of Finance is essential for the financial operations of the town. Focuses on activities and responsibilities in reviewing budgetary, additional or supplemental appropriations, before, during and after public hearings. 

The BOF is required to review itemized statements for all expenditures and appropriations for the preceding fiscal year as well as develop the proposed budget expenditures and revenues for the new fiscal year. It has similar duties regarding Additional and Supplemental Appropriations. Necessary changes or adjustments are made after public hearings. Representatives of the BOF may participate in the budget-making process of the Region 15 Board of Education. The primary purpose of the BOF is to recommend a budget and a mill rate to the Town.

Qualifications: Members should have a strong financial background, education that may include an MBA, CPA, legal or insurance experience and/or analytical skills acquired through corporate or municipal finance and accounting, The BOF needs members who see the “big picture” and know how to tie things together to balance opposing interests, when necessary, to promote the best interests of the town and its fiscal health.

Additional Information:

Regular Meeting Schedule for 2017: (7:00 PM, Town Hall, Room 205)

 The Board of Finance meets monthly (please check calendar for possible changes)

 January 9  April 10
 July - no meeting  October 16
 February 13
 May 8
 August - no meeting  November 13
 March 13
 June 26
 September 18
 December 11

Minutes & Agendas:

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