South Britain Historic District Commission

Edward T. Davis Chairman

Hugh Sullivan Asst. Chairman
Catherine P. DeCarli Secretary
Ken Bolin Member
Dwight A. Jensen Member
Jeffrey E. Marshall Member
Albin Weber Alternate
Vacancy Alternate


Mission/General Information:

The purpose of the Historic District is to preserve the distinctive characteristics of buildings within the District and to preserve the appearance of the District as a whole. The South Britain Historic District Commission administers the Historic District and reviews requests for changes to assure that they meet the standards of the Historic District. All residents of the Historic District are obligated to obtain a “Certificate of Appropriateness” when planning to make certain additions or alterations to their property. Briefly, if you are planning a change to the appearance of your property, either through new construction or alteration, and this change will be visible to the public, you will need prior approval by the Historic District Commission.

Click on "Rules" below for a more detailed description of the jurisdiction of the Historic District Commission and the procedure for obtaining a Certificate of Appropriateness. If you have questions regarding the regulations or the approval process, your Historic District Commission is available to assist you. Please feel free to drop in to one of our meetings.

Additional Information:

Regular Meeting Schedule for 2017: (7:00 PM, Town Hall, Room 208)

 The South Britain Historic District Commission usually meets 2nd Monday of the month
(please check calendar for possible changes)

 January 9  April 10
 July 10
 October 10
 February 13
 May 8
 August 14
 November 13
 March 13
 June 12
 September 11
 December 11

Minutes and Agendas:

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