Historic Commissions and More

Southbury has two historic districts: Historic District #1 encompasses an area around Main Street North and South Britain’s Historic Commission encompasses, an area around Route 172.

Membership: Both commissions require that some of its members and alternates live within the district. Both have five members plus three alternates appointed by the Board of Selectmen to a five-year term on a rotating basis. They usually meet once a month.

Powers and Duties: Aims to preserve and protect the distinctive characteristics of structures associated with the history and style of architecture of each district. No structure within the district can be erected or its exterior altered without a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Commission. The Commissions advise the Planning and Zoning Commissions whether developments proposed for abutting parcels would adversely impact the aesthetic integrity of the district.

Qualifications: Candidate should have an abiding interest in and knowledge of historic preservation. Backgrounds in architecture, construction, law, property appraisal or real estate and sensitivity to architectural aesthetics are valuable contributions to the Commission’s work.

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