Lake Zoar Authority

Ray Hoesten Chairman
Southbury Representatives:
Frank Cavallo Member
Gary Dennen Member
Herbert Garber Member

Mission/General Information:

The Lake Zoar Authority (LZA) is a multi-town organization consisting of representatives from the four towns that border the lake. These towns include Monroe, Newtown, Oxford and Southbury. The LZA is tasked with the goals of improving water quality and promoting safe boating on the lake. The authority and purpose of the Lake Zoar Authority is established by ordinance in member towns under Connecticut General Statutes, section 7-151a of the 1969 supplement as amended.

Contact:  (203) 264-0006  or

Lake Zoar Authority Web Site 

Regular Meeting Schedule for 2017: (7:00 PM)

 The Lake Zoar Authority meets monthly
(please check calendar for possible changes)

 January  3 (STH)  April 4 (OTH)  July 11 (NSC)  October 3 (MTH)
 February 7 (MTH)  May 2 (STH)  August 1 (OTH)  November 7 (NSC)
 March 7 (NSC)  June 6 (MTH)  September 5 (STH)  December 5 (OTH)

 Monroe Town Hall
 Newtown Senior Center
 Oxford Town Hall
 Southbury Town Hall

Minutes & Agendas:

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