Local Emergency Planning Committee

George Slaiby, Chairman Neal Lustig

Jeff Manville, First Selectman Ray Mather
Tim Baldwin Kurt Mazurosky
Regina Botsford Marilyn Muratori-Jarvis
Mark Cody Barry Rickert
John Cottell Joe Ruggiero
George Goodwin Sandy Saren
Cindy Harrison Bill Sarosky
Geralyn Hoyt Jim Sugden
Cpl. Brian Hughes Dan Tomascak
Peter Jacoby John Turk
Bill Kerber Sgt. Brian Van Ness
Richard Laudenet
Robin Lucas


Mission/General Information:

The Office of Emergency Management directs and coordinates the Local Emergency Planning Commission (L.E.P.C.). The LEPC is responsible for the Town of Southbury's Emergency Planning and Sara Title III reporting. The Director of Emergency Management is Barry Rickert. The Director of Emergency Management is the liaison between the Federal and State Office of Homeland Security and the LEPC for the Town of Southbury.

The Office of Emergency Management (O.E.M) is responsible for maximizing survival of human life, for preventing and/or minimizing injuries, and for preserving property and resources in the Town of Southbury by making use of all available manpower, equipment, and other resources in the event of a disaster (natural or man-made crisis, national security threat/ terrorist emergency situation).

The OEM shall provide direction and guidance to local government officials for continuity of services and protection during disaster situations.

The OEM shall provide for the integration of resources and capabilities of town government and the private sector for hazard mitigation, survival and recovery operations when any disaster threatens or occurs.

The OEM shall define the role and responsibilities of local government, quasi-government organizations and private agencies for the preparation and conduct of emergency operations prior to, during and/or after a disaster, whether man-made, natural, or technological.

The OEM shall provide a basis for the preparation of detailed emergency operating procedures and training by local government and support organizations assigned emergency responsibilities.

Helpful Reference Material:

Regular Meeting Schedule for 2017: (3:30 PM, Town Hall, Room 205)

 The LEPC  meets quarterly (please check calendar for possible changes)

 February 15  May 17
 August 16
 November 15

Minutes & Agendas:

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