Investment Portfolio Oversight Committee

Thomas J. Connor (Board of Finance) Chairman

Justin Bette (Board of Selectmen) Member
Wallis H. Brooks (Citizen Rep) Member
Hilda Henriques (Library) Member
William Sarosky (Treasurer) Member
Steven Singer (Citizen Rep) Member
Jeff Manville (Board of Selectmen) Alternate
Virginia H. Middleton (Library) Alternate
John Reilly (Board of Finance) Alternate
William T. Tolley (Citizen Rep) Alternate


Mission/General Information:

The Investment Portfolio Oversight Committee ("IPOC") is comprised of two representatives from the Board of Selectmen, two representatives from the Board of Finance, the Controller/Treasurer of the Town, two members of the Southbury Public Library Board of Directors and two members and one alternate member, appointed by the BOS based on qualifications, who are residents of the Town.

The IPOC monitors and oversees the risk profile, composition, cash flows and investment performance of the town’s defined benefit retirement plans (the “Plan“), as well as the activities and performance of the Plan's investment consultant. The IPOC also approves recommendations by the Plan’s investment consultant of investment firms and mutual funds to make and manage Plan investments, and oversees the performance of such managers.

The IPOC is also responsible for compliance with, enforcement of, and recommending changes to the Plan’s investment policy statement (“IPS“). which establishes a broad array of parameters within which the Plan’s investments must be managed. The IPS and all revisions thereto must be approved by the Board of Selectmen, and certain aspects thereof must also be approved by the Board of Finance. The IPOC reports to the Board of Selectmen, which has ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the Plan.

The IPOC generally holds four scheduled meetings each year (in February, May, August and November). The IPOC may also schedule special meetings when appropriate.

Additional Information:

Regular Meeting Schedule for 2017: (7:00 PM, Town Hall, Room 208)

 The Investment Portfolio Oversight Committee usually meets quarterly
(please check calendar for possible changes)

 March 6
 May 15
 August 21
 November 20

Minutes & Agendas:

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On December 6, 2012, the Southbury Board of Finance renamed the Retirement Plan Oversight Committee (RPOC) to the Investment Portfolio Oversight Committee (IPOC)