Ethics Commission

Joseph Ruggiero Chair
Janet Gall Secretary
Deborah Hull Member
Gregory Goolkasian Alternate
Vacancy Alternate


Mission/General Information:

The Southbury Commission on Ethics, by the authority granted it under the Southbury Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Ordinance, as authorized by Section 7-148h of the Connecticut General Statutes, strives to enhance the public's faith and confidence in government by ensuring that public officers and public employees uphold the public trust by committing themselves to avoid conflicts between their private interests and their public duties. (Adopted: April 19, 2012.)

The Commission meets quarterly (March, June, September, December) on the 3rd Thursday of the month. In addition to these regular meetings, the Commission meets when necessary to investigate complaints. Initial and preliminary reviews of complaints are conducted in "non-meetings" in accordance with the Connecticut Freedom of Information rules and state statutes in order to protect the privacy of individuals. Hearings that the Commission conducts following determinations of Probable Cause are held in public.

Additional Information:

Regular Meeting Schedule for 2017: (4:15 PM, Town Hall, Room 208)

 The Ethics Commission usually meets quarterly (please check calendar for possible changes)

 January 12
 April 20
 July 20
 October 19

Minutes & Agendas:

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