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9/21/2019 - Southbury Energy Fair and Green Expo

Most of our energy is produced by burning fossil fuels which releases gases, which absorb the sun’s warmth and keeps heat in our atmosphere. Today, too much heat is becoming trapped in the atmosphere, warming the earth rapidly, causing rising temperatures, heat waves, drought, higher sea levels, abnormal weather patterns, increased intensity of natural disasters, smog, acid rain, and species extinction.

The good news is that there are solutions where you can act and make a difference. At the Southbury Energy Fair there will be:

  • Electric cars on display
  • Learn about the latest renewable energy products and how the vendors can teach you to save money and the environment.
  • Eco-village where you can learn about the innovative ways we can recycle.

Please come to our First Annual Southbury Energy Fair and Green Expo.


Event: Southbury Energy Fair and Green Expo
Event Date: 9/21/2019
Event Rain Date: 9/22/2019
Event Time: 10am to 2pm
Admission Fee: Free
Event Organizers: Climate Change Lobby, Southbury Chapter and Sustainable Southbury |
Event Location: Southbury Green, 775 Main Street, Southbury, CT