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Legal Notices

8/13/2020 - Zoning Board of Appeals: Actions Taken at Meeting on August 12, 2020

The following decision was made at the August 12, 2020 Special Meeting of the Southbury Zoning Board of Appeals:

DENIED - Application #10968 – Chris Simon, 325 Fish Rock Road, Owner/Applicant – Applying for a Variance relating to Section 4.4, Schedule B, 7.2 of the Zoning Regulations to construct a three car detached garage with minimal setback from the street line, on property located at 325 Fish Rock Road, Zone R-20. The Zoning Board of Appeals concluded that no evidence was presented at the hearing or set forth in the application to substantiate any claims that literal enforcement of the Regulations would result in unusual hardship affecting this property.

Southbury Zoning Board of Appeals
Paul Katzmark, Chairman