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1/21/2020 - Streetlight Timer Improvements Coming

As citizens may have observed when driving along Main Street South, the streetlights often are illuminated during certain daylight hours instead of reliably turning on as sunset arrives. Our technical team inspected the power distribution cabinets and made electrical measurements to zero in on the cause which has been traced to the operation of the existing solar (sun) sensors installed on ten power distribution cabinets along Main Street.

We have just completed a week-long test on a string of lights near Union Square using a new technology based on GPS time, integrated with an internal astronomical calendar. This means that the lights will automatically turn on at the official sunset time, and turn off shortly after sunrise all year long - both for short winter daylight hours as well as during the long summer daylight hours. Once installed, groups of lights will turn on in a ripple sequence separated by four seconds until all are lit.

Our team also identified the causes for loss of lighting in a few areas such as the walking path at The Green. The cause has been traced to power distribution cabinet enclosures that are at least 20 years old and have evidence of corrosion. These cabinets will be upgraded as part of the GPS timer installations which will occur in the next few months.