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2/3/2020 - The Formation of an ad hoc Committee to Review the Possible Acquisition of the Edgewood Bath and Tennis Club

On January 23rd, the Town of Southbury signed an Option to Purchase Agreement for the Edgewood Bath and Tennis Club. Southbury’s Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to approve the signing after an executive session review.

Per this agreement, the town paid a $3,000 non-refundable fee to Edgewood for the right to purchase their 10.51 acres of land, all facilities, and equipment for $2,000,000. The purchase option expires on July 31, 2020.

Pursuant to the signing of this option agreement, First Selectman Jeff Manville announced the formation of an ad hoc task force to review this proposed acquisition and make a recommendation. First Selectman Manville said: “I am forming an ad hoc task force to bring a recommendation forward as to whether or not to exercise the option. The primary objective will be to determine if this is an appropriate alternative to replacing the current pool. As the option runs out on July 31, 2020, this review process will have to move quickly.”

Manville announced the following list as members of this task force:

  • Selectman George Bertram - has an engineering background and has been involved with the Edgewood exploration since its inception
  • Tom Connor – Vice-Chair of the Board of Finance
  • Tom Marks – a member of the Strategic Plan Commission tasked with exploration of Community Center options for the Town
  • Charlie Rosa – Chair of the Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Dan Colton – Finance Director for the Town

Manville stated: “I have chosen each member for a specific area of expertise that they bring to the table.”

He tasked the group with the following:

  • Is this purchase an appropriate option to replace the current Town pool?
  • Does the financial impact justify the purchase?
  • Recommend any engineering studies and inspections as may be proper to determine the condition of the Edgewood facility.
  • Suggest any additional actions as necessary to achieve thorough due diligence.

First Selectman Manville also noted that the Board of Finance would make a presentation of their Financial Impact Analysis at their meeting scheduled for February 10th, and said that a general informational meeting would be held as soon as possible thereafter.