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4/17/2020 - Edgewood Ad Hoc Task Force Submits Recommendation

The Edgewood Ad Hoc Task Force, which was created by First Selectman, Jeff Manville, to review the proposed Edgewood acquisition by the Town of Southbury and make a formal recommendation, has submitted their final report. The 11-page document, emailed on April 16, 2020, to members of the Board of Selectmen, Board of Finance, and Strategic Plan Commission, among others, formally recommends the purchase of the Edgewood Bath and Tennis Club in Middlebury, CT.

“The Edgewood Ad Hoc Task Force finds the Edgewood Bath and Tennis Club to be a fiscally responsible and appropriate option to replace the current town pool at Ballantine. As such, we recommend exercising the Town’s option to purchase,” the report reads.

The Task Force specifically cited the fiscal value of the purchase, the broad populations served, increased amenities, and excellent condition of the facility as determining factors in their decision.

The Task Force has made three separate public presentations of their findings in the past two weeks. Feedback was solicited through the Town’s website, and over 220 comments and questions were submitted. 55% of respondents approved of the Edgewood purchase, compared to 24.5% opposed. The remaining 20.5% of respondents sent queries that did not explicitly express a pro or con view of the Edgewood proposal.

“I applaud the members of this Task Force and our advisors for their hard work, long hours, and due diligence in getting this report done on schedule,” said Selectman George Bertram, who chaired the Task Force. “This is a talented, bipartisan group, and we worked together exceptionally well as a team.”

The Task Force will present their report at an April 20th joint meeting of the Board of Finance and the Board of Selectmen, where they will also take questions from those members. The Board of Finance will vote to finalize the budget at that meeting. The Board of Selectmen has declared their intention to hold a town-wide referendum on the Edgewood acquisition sometime in mid-July if the Governor lifts his restrictions before then.

The five-member Task Force includes George Bertram, Selectman; Dan Colton, Finance Director; Tom Connor, Vice Chair Board of Finance; Tom Marks, Strategic Plan Commission; and Charlie Rosa, Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Commission. John Michaels, Chairman of the Board of Finance, and Hugh Sullivan of Bennett Sullivan Associates Inc. served as advisors.

The Task Force Recommendation Report, along with other pertinent documents relating to the Task Force’s work, can be found on the Town website: