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7/22/2020 - Edgewood Ad Hoc Task Force Outlines Priorities During Extension Of Purchase Option

The Southbury Board of Selectmen announced on July 3, 2020 that owners of Edgewood Bath & Tennis Club have graciously granted a 90-day extension on exercising the option to purchase Edgewood. As such, a town referendum, originally scheduled for July 16, had been delayed, date to be announced.

The extension was granted to allow legal counsel for both the Town and Edgewood to complete their due diligence, however the Edgewood Ad Hoc Task Force plans to take advantage of the additional time to continue their due diligence activities.

Priorities outlined by the Task Force include, but will not be limited to:

  • Release of the Building re-inspection report
  • Release of the Pool Inspection report from Michael Fortuna
  • A proposed governance plan for the Edgewood complex
  • A review of the Town’s bid procedure and its application for potential Ballantine projects.
  • A description of the procedures and costs required to safely close and/or demolish the existing Ballantine Pool when the time comes
  • Continued solicitation of public feedback

“The Board of Selectmen has indicated to the Task Force that the proposed Edgewood deal is still on the table,” said Tom Marks, spokesman for the Task Force. “We respect the non-disclosure agreement between the parties, and we await more information when it becomes available. In the meantime, the Task Force will continue its work.”

The Task Force encourages residents to continue submitting feedback and questions through the Edgewood informational website: The website currently includes close to 40 documents, including the Task Force Recommendation Report as well as due diligence done at the request of citizens, such as the availability of ADA grants and an extended financial analysis.