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Parks and Recreation

561 Main Street South
Southbury, CT 06488
Maps and Directions
P:(203) 262-0633
Monday - Thursday:
8:00am - 4:30pm
Fri: 8:00am - 1:00pm

Swim Lessons at Southbury Town Pool

Swim lessons at the Southbury Town Pool are very popular, class sizes are limited so register early. A limited number of private lessons are also available. This year we offer four two-week sessions on weekdays, and one eight-week session on Saturdays.

Swim lessons will take place as scheduled if it is drizzly or raining lightly. Lessons will not be held if there is torrential rain, thunder or lighting. The decision to hold lessons will be made a half hour prior to the start of the first lesson of the day. Please check your email prior to leaving for the pool, or call the pool at 203-262-0608 for clarification. Should we have to cancel a lesson day, we may try to reschedule. However due to the full programming schedule at the pool, we may not be able to do so. 

All swim lessons are held at the Town Pool, 611 Old Field Road.

To register, go to

PARENT AND TOT LESSONS (Ages 6 months - 3 years)

This is an introduction to water where the parent/guardian is in the water with the child. Children will enjoy splashing, floating, kicking, and group activities with parents and other children their age. The goal is to acclimate our youngest pre-swimmers to an aquatic environment at an early age so they are comfortable, happy and ready to learn the basic swimming skills at the next level without a parent.  Any children who are not potty-trained MUST wear a swimming diaper AND a bathing suit OR plastic pants.

PRESCHOOL LESSONS (Ages 3-5 years)

This water readiness class enables younger swimmers to enjoy the water without a parent/guardian. They will take part in group water activities with the aid of instructors while interacting with other children their age. The goal is to make children comfortable in the water and to put their face in. 


Water Exploration helps children feel comfortable in the water while they learn elementary water and safety skills. As prerequisite for Level 1, swimmers must be able to put their face in the water and easily separate from parents. The goal is build confidence and focus on the skills to develop freestyle pull and kick to swim 5 yards independently.


As prerequisite for Level 2, swimmers must be able to swim 5 yards independently.  Swimmers will learn fundamental skills and basic self help rescue techniques. Level 2 will continue to focus on the skills to encourage forward movement in the water with freestyle. The goal is to swim 10 yards of freestyle unassisted. 


As prerequisite for Level 3, swimmers must be able to swim independently for 10 yards. Swimmers will continue working to coordinate freestyle and be introduced to backstroke. We will work to develop endurance needed to tread water in the deep end and gain confidence jumping into deep water. The goal is to swim 20 yards unassisted.  


Swimmers will continue to build confidence in the water and will fine tune freestyle and backstroke technique. The butterfly and breaststroke will be introduced in this lesson, as will racing starts. Swimmers will increase the distance they swim during lessons.


Private lessons are available for anyone preferring private instruction rather than a group lesson. Adults are welcome to participate in private lessons. To sign up for a private lesson, you may register at the Southbury Parks & Recreation Department and the lesson will be arranged, or you may call the pool at 203-262-0608. Instructors will be selected based on the need of the swimmer.