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7/27/2020 - Virtual Art Lecture on Claude Monet

Online with Zoom.

A sunlit hill, an azure lake, a colorful garden bursting with life--this is the world of Claude Monet. The beauty and serenity of his paintings have made them among the most beloved in the entire history of art but there is much more to Monet's paintings than just a pleasant view of the world. Monet and his fellow Impressionists were art radicals who challenged the worn-out traditions of the powerful French Academy to create a truly modern art, one with a fresh vision that captured the fleeting moments of contemporary life, moments that, in their own way, were as worthy of attention as any grand historical theme--in fact, even more so. This lecture will examine the revolutionary vision and artistry of Claude Monet to discover how his luminous paintings changed the art world forever.


Event: Virtual Art Lecture on Claude Monet
Event Date: 7/27/2020
Event Time: 4 p.m.
Admission Fee: $10.00
Link to Registration or Ticket Purchase:
Event Organizers: Arts Escape | 203-586-1474 |