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11/6/2020 - Election Day Thanks

On behalf of the Board of Selectmen, I would like to thank the residents of Southbury for their civil and orderly conduct on Election Day. The polling stations had some of the longest lines ever recorded, and the residents of Southbury acted with patience and respect towards their fellow citizens during the voting process. Residents offered their spots in line to those who experienced difficulty standing for long periods which shows the true spirit of our town.

The efforts of the Town Clerk’s Office, Registrar’s Office, moderators and poll workers were remarkable, and they all deserve a sincere thank you for their time spent ensuring this election was a success. The preparation for the election was extensive and required a considerable amount of collaboration between all parties. The citizens of Southbury can be proud of the bipartisan cooperation of their Democrat and Republican Registrars along with the hard work and dedication of the Town Clerk’s Office to conduct this historic and unprecedented election. We are appreciative as well of the poll workers and moderators who showed commitment to administering a fair and impartial election and provided an essential service to the community. Thank you again to all who made this election possible and to the citizens of Southbury for their commendable behavior on Election Day.

Jeff Manville
Southbury First Selectman