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9/1/2021 - Sustainable CT: Thriving Local Economies

The Town of Southbury is pursuing the distinction of being a Sustainable CT town, a state-wide program aimed at promoting sustainability across Connecticut

A key part of the certification process is focused on economic development. Specific action areas include:

  • Supporting the redevelopment of Brownfield sites
  • Implementing sustainable purchasing
  • Inventorying and promoting local retail options
  • Providing resources and supports to local businesses
  • Promoting a sustainable workforce development
  • Participating and promoting the C-PACE program

Some of these action areas are more applicable to Southbury than others, while many the town is already doing. For example, providing resources and support to local businesses. The Town has a dedicated department for economic development, staffed full-time, available by phone, e-mail or in person to assist local businesses. This office disseminates information via the website, regular business e-newsletters, social media and webinars, as well as in-person educational events that also serve as networking events. Plus, the town’s Development Services Team hold preliminary meetings with prospective business owners to discuss their intentions and prepare them for commercial applications. Finally, Southbury has a “C-PACE” agreement with the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority.

As we continue to go through the Sustainable CT certification process step-by-step, each area that the town and its regional partners fulfill will be documented, and those that are not, shall be investigated and pursued where applicable.

Sustainable CT encourages regional collaboration and other forms of partnership. The town is pleased to be partnering with Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition (PRWC), the Town of Woodbury, and other organizations and volunteer groups.

If your organization would like to join in the effort to make Southbury more sustainable, please send an e-mail to

To learn more about the town’s efforts to pursue state certification visit:

For information on the state program Sustainable CT visit

Kevin Bielmeier
Economic Development Director
Town of Southbury
(203) 262-0683

[This article first appeared in Southbury Neighbors magazine.]