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3/1/2022 - Sustainability in Action

Putting sustainability into action is what the Sustainable CT program aims to accomplish for participating municipalities, which includes Southbury. Achieving certification is based upon the completion of actions. The actions are designed with flexibility to meet the varying needs of all municipalities, so there are many choices. These actions are organized across thirteen categories. To be eligible for certification you must complete at least one action in each category. Many actions have variable points, which means there are several ways to complete the action. A minimum of 200 points is required for the Bronze level certification and 400 for Silver. Gold has not yet been defined.

The thirteen categories are:

  1. Inclusive and Equitable Community Impacts
  2. Thriving Local Economies
  3. Well-Stewarded Land and Natural Resources
  4. Vibrant and Creative Cultural Ecosystems
  5. Dynamic and Resilient Planning
  6. Clean and Diverse Transportation Systems and Choices
  7. Renewable and Efficient Energy Infrastructure and Operations
  8. Inclusive Engagement, Communications and Education
  9. Strategic Materials Management
  10. Optimal Health and Wellness Opportunities
  11. Healthy, Efficient and Diverse Housing
  12. Effective, Compassionate Homelessness Prevention
  13. Innovative Strategies and Practices

The first category requires that the principles of equity be applied to at least one other action being pursued. The sustainability team selected action 9.4 - Develop a Food Waste Prevention Campaign or Food Scraps Recovery Campaign or Program. A presentation was co-created to provide tips on how to save money by reducing food waste. In order to equitably reach the entire community this traveling ‘road show’ was co-presented at various times and days of the week, and made available on the town website.

We also welcome suggestions. Is there something that you do that saves money by preventing food waste? Let us know at:

The town is on track to achieve its Bronze certification by April 2022. To learn more about the town’s efforts go to:

For further information on the state program visit:

Kevin Bielmeier
Economic Development Director
Town of Southbury
(203) 262-0683

[This article first appeared in Southbury Neighbors magazine.]