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4/13/2021 - Easter Egg Hunt until April 13, 2021

Open to children up to 16 years old. Easter Eggs will be placed in Settlers Park (4) and Ballantine Park (3) from April 1 to April 13. Children who find all seven eggs will receive an Easter Bag filled with candy and prizes.

Find the Egg and take the picture of the child/children with each Egg. Email the pictures, together with the child/children’s name, address and phone number, to A notification will be emailed when the Easter Bags are ready to pick up.


Event: Easter Egg Hunt
Event Date: 4/1-13/2021
Admission Fee: Free
Event Organizers: Southbury Parks and Recreation Department | 203-262-0633 |
Event Location: Ballantine Park (611 Old Field Road), Settlers Park (280 Crook Horn Road)