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Legal Notices

7/12/2017 - Inland Wetlands Commission: Actions Taken at Meeting on July 11, 2017

501 Main Street South

The Southbury Inland Wetlands Commission took the following actions at their regular meeting held on July 11, 2017 at Southbury Town Hall.

Having considered the factors and circumstances set forth in section 7.5 of the regulations and having reviewed all information and reports received by the commission regarding these applications, the following applications were approved.

Application #1611 301 Hulls Hill Road; Joseph Oliva, applicant; approval consists of installing a catch basin and underdrain upgradient of the driveway and extending the underdrain the length of the driveway and connecting it to the municipal storm water system in Hulls Hill Road, with conditions.

Application #1616 165 Quaker Farms Road; Jeremy and Beth Nelson; approval consists of restoration of floodplain and regulated area within the Eight Mile Brook with the planting of at least 9 maple trees and a mixture of shrubs (18 total) , with conditions.

Application #1619 Southbury Plaza Building #3 Improvements; 100 Main Street North; Southhaven Associates, applicant; approval consists of decreasing square footage of retail space from building three by removing 30 linear feet of the structure to allow for more access and extra parking. Stormwater will be directed through a 40 foot ADS Water Quality Unit. Stormwater will then flow into an underground infiltration system. Approximately 24,440 square feet of new parking will be paved with permeable asphalt. Aggregate subbase will be continuous to the native unconsolidated sand and gravel layer for the entire permeable pavement area. The curved portion of the concrete canal which contains Bullet Hill Brook will be covered by precast concrete slabs to allow for more additional parking. Approximately 150 square feet of wetlands will be filled for a redesigned driveway in the northern portion of the site, with conditions.

Karolyn Cardillo