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Legal Notices

3/14/2019 - Inland Wetlands Commission: Actions Taken at Meeting on March 12, 2019

The Southbury Inland Wetlands Commission took the following action at their regular meeting on March 12, 2019 at Southbury Town Hall.

Having considered the factors and circumstances set forth in Section 4 of the regulations and having reviewed all information and reports received by the commission regarding this application, the following application was approved.

Application Modification #1620-A 194 Old Poverty Road; Halvor Gaasrud, applicant; approval consists of installing curtain drains along the toe of slope for the southcentral slope, upgradient from the detached structure and discharging that collected ground water out of a six inch pipe onto a 5x5x1.5 deep foot rip rap splash pad with three, 1 to 2 foot diameter energy dissipaters (boulders), attachment A, aligned in direction with the outlet pipe; filling the upland review area adjacent to the dam with approximately 70 cubic yards of material, roof leaders off the garage will be placed infiltrators (attachment B) being placed within the imported fill, with conditions.

Karolyn Cardillo

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