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5/17/2018 - Storm Update - Thursday noon

Southbury continues to recover from the tornado that hit us on Tuesday.

Currently, 63 percent of people are without power. We are happy to report that 35 percent of power has been restored. The increase in restoration is moving along as quickly as is safely possible. There are 21 crews in town. Each Eversource crew is working with a Public Works crew to expedite the progress. More crews are in route. Eversource has reported that the “backbone” of the town grid has been restored.

  • The following shelters are open:
    • Senior Center is available for showers and charging station. Use the Parks and Rec entrance. Senior Center is located at 561 Main Street South.
    • Pomperaug High School is available for showers, charging station and overnight accommodations. Use the main entrance. PHS is located at 234 Judd Rd.
  • Potable water is available at Community House Park. This park is on Route 67 across from Jeremy Swamp Road. You will need to bring your own containers.
  • Transfer Station is closed until further notice.
  • This is a reminder that you need to stop at all traffic lights. By law, even if the traffic light is not working, you are required to stop and clear yourself before proceeding.
  • If you can safely check on your neighbors and inform them about shelters, water and updates that would be helpful.
  • Shop-Rite is open.
  • Stop and Shop is open for non-perishable goods only.
  • Woodbury Drug is open and will refill prescriptions for 5 days only: 203-263-2282.