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5/25/2018 - FEMA Update and Storm Debris Management

On May 24, 2018, the Town participated in a call relating to FEMA and recovery from the tornado.

The following guidelines are important for FEMA to declare a disaster:

  • The aggregate unreimbursed damage estimates statewide must reach $5.2 million.
  • The aggregate unreimbursed damage estimates for New Haven County must reach $3.17 million.
  • The Town must submit an estimate of public, individual and business damage by May 30, 2018. It is important for you to file your form with the Town so we can aggregate the damage and send it to the State to meet the statewide and county thresholds. If the above thresholds are met, the Governor can declare a disaster.


An individual may only seek reimbursement for the uninsured damage to the home only. FEMA will cover structure damage but not damage to your yard. Trees are not covered.

Document the damage with photos and keep all receipts. Damage that is covered by insurance does not help the Town and State get to the above thresholds. You can however, include your deductible as uninsured damage.

If you are a business that was impacted by the tornado, any physical damage that is not covered by insurance can be reported on the form. A business can include economic injury that is not covered by insurance.

Forms can be found on the town website at Please submit the forms by May 29th.

If FEMA does declare a local disaster, it will be several months before we know.

Debris Management

RESIDENTS ONLY: Vegetative debris may be placed in the town right of way for clearing at a later date. If you put your debris (trees, stumps, limbs, branches, etc.) in the right of way, you must keep the road clear. If your debris is found to impact road clearance, you will be ticketed and the debris will be cleared from the road at your expense.

For residents bringing their storm debris (tree limbs and brush) to the Transfer Station, fees will be waived until further notice.