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6/10/2019 - Renters Rebate Applications

If you are a renter in Southbury, you can apply for the State of Connecticut Renters Rebate Program. To qualify you must be at least 65 years old or 100% disabled through Social Security and your income must have been less than $43,900 for a married couple, $36,000 for a single person. You will need to provide the following documentation:


  • 2018 Rent receipts, or letter from landlord stating total amount paid in 2018 for rent
  • Utility receipts (electric, water, oil/gas) or statement from utility company stating the amounts actually paid for the entire year of 2018. Eversource will provide your account history by calling 1-800-286-2000 or log on to your account at

INCOME (If you file a federal income tax return, a copy of your return is required):

  • Social Security SSA-1099 statement
  • Bank interest, dividends, VA benefits
  • Pension income, wages or any other sources of income

IF 100% DISABLED: A current TPQY from Social Security stating that you were disabled in 2018 is required as proof of disability.

All residents of Southbury may call Sandy Saren in the Department of Social Services (203-262-0653) to schedule an appointment to complete the application in her office. The deadline to file an application is October 1st. Disbursement will not begin until after the October 1st deadline.