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11/5/2019 - Official Southbury Municipal Election Results


First Selectman Richard Boritz D 2412
  Jeffrey A. Manville R 3589
Board of Selectmen Justin Bette D 2612
Catherine P. DeCarli
D 2356
Mike Rosen
D 2398
Emily P. Harrison R 3274
George T. Bertram
R 3248
Jason A. Buchsbaum R 3263
Board of Finance Thomas J. Connor D 2783
Joan E. Gillespie D 2871
John A. Michaels R 4075
Board of Finance Alternates Brian P. Emerick R 4092
Board of Assessment Appeals Dennis Dwyer R 4033
Planning Commission Michele A. Zommer D 2624
  Richard M. Teardo R 3482
  Edward M. Hatfield
R 3774
  Harmon L. Andrews
R 3587
Planning Commission Alternates Lawrence C. Adzima R 4030
Zoning Commission Susan Monteleone R 4053
Zoning Commission Alternates Martin J. Ludorf R 3944
Zoning Board of Appeals Carl Rosa R 3853
Mark Kane R 3675
Zoning Board of Appeals Alternates Conrad Hade R 3821
Inland Wetlands Commission Jennifer Murphy Pitcher D 2601
  Trish J. Stewart D 2500
  Robert LaFlamme
R 3313
  Carl H. Hornbecker
R 3414
Inland Wetlands Commission Alternates Thaddeus E. Burr R 3806
Pomperaug Valley Water Authority
Paul Fortier
D 2284
  Kevin W. Brown
R 3160
Regional Board of Education Christopher L. Rempfer D 2439
Steven Suriani R 3386
Heather Dwyer R 3922
Sharon Attick R 3551

1. Shall the revised Town Charter, with the exception of the proposed amendments to Section 301 and 202 A, and the changes to the titles of the First Selectman, Board of Selectmen and Selectmen, in the form filed with the Town Clerk on August 29, 2019, and thereafter published as required by law be approved? 2547 1966
2. Shall the proposed revisions to Section 301, which does not allow votes cast for an unsuccessful candidate for First Selectman to be counted as votes for that candidate as a member of the Board of Selectmen, be approved? 1851 2705
3. Shall the proposed revision to Section 202 A, which changes the term of the First Selectman and Board of Selectmen from two years to four years with staggered terms, be approved? 1895 2785
4. Shall the proposed revision throughout the Charter, which changes the titles of the First Selectman, Board of Selectmen and Selectmen, to First Selectperson, Select Board, and Selectperson, be approved? 2246 2450