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4/22/2020 - New Transfer Station Rules for Chargeable Items

The Town of Southbury will start accepting chargeable items Wednesdays through Fridays ONLY beginning Wednesday April 22, 2020 at scheduled fee rates. See website for posted feeschedule.

Only one vehicle at a time will be permitted to the upper disposal area of chargeable items. Attendant has discretion to allow more than one if disposing in different areas i.e. brush vs demo. Attendant is to use proper PPE for the protection of employee and residents.


  1. Residents are to dispose of chargeable items first by staying in the right lane.
  2. Residents will stop at checkpoint for inspection and remain in the vehicle. Please keep window closed and release trunk or hatchback if applicable to permit inspection.
  3. Town employee will inspect load and inform driver of cost.
  4. Resident to complete check made out to the “Town of Southbury” and pass through window to town employee.
  5. Town employee will take check to booth and complete necessary information onto receipt pad.
  6. When ready, employee will motion for resident to proceed to upper disposal area.
  7. If resident is also disposing of trash in the hopper, they will proceed to one of the two spots located after the hopper (north side) when directed by the attendant.

Please be patient and understand that the above precautions are for the health and safety of both our employees and residents. Be respectful of personal spacing and time.

Follow all other Transfer Station rules and remember that children are not allowed out of the vehicle while on the Transfer Station Grounds.