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8/6/2020 - Edgewood Ad Hoc Task Force Receives Pool Inspection Report And Building Re-Inspection Report

Pool Inspection Finds “No Concerns” with Condition of Edgewood Pool

The Edgewood Ad Hoc Task Force has received an inspection report on the condition of the Edgewood Bath and Tennis Club swimming pool from Michael P. Fortuna, AIA, a Principal and Partner of TLB Architecture, LLC. The report found the pool to be “well-constructed and well maintained.”

In his 26 page report, Mr. Fortuna states: “Based on our observations, there were no concerns that were not easily addressed, or that would, in our opinion, raise concerns with regards to purchasing the property.” The items that were pointed out were described as “typical maintenance items.”

Additionally, the Task Force received a re-inspection report from Guiseppe Volpato of National Property Inspections (NPI), the inspector that performed the initial building and property inspection. The report verified the repair or replacement of items listed in its initial summary report recommendations.

“These reports support the findings of the Task Force, namely, that the Edgewood facilities are in excellent condition,” said Selectman George Bertram, who chairs the Task Force. “The info in these documents will hopefully put to rest the concerns of those who may have misinterpreted the findings of the initial inspection report.”

The original NPI property inspection report, re-inspection report, and the TLBA pool inspection report are all available for review on the Edgewood informational website: This website includes 34 links to various documents and video presentations, including the Task Force Recommendation Report as well as materials covering the due diligence done at the request of citizens, such as the availability of ADA grants and a more accurate and detailed financial analysis.

The Southbury Board of Selectmen announced on July 3, 2020, that owners of Edgewood Bath & Tennis Club have graciously granted a 90-day extension on exercising the option to purchase Edgewood. As such, a town referendum, initially scheduled for July 16, has been delayed, date to be announced.