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10/16/2020 - Rehabilitation of the Rochambeau Bridge

The Rochambeau Bridge Reconstruction, a Project of the Connecticut Department of Transportation, currently underway in Newtown and Southbury, consists of the rehabilitation of the two bridges which carry I-84 over the Housatonic River. The first major traffic shift has placed both directions of I-84 traffic onto the I-84 eastbound portion of the bridge, utilizing crossovers built in the median of I-84.

A trestle, or temporary work platform from which the existing bridges will be demolished and reconstructed, is currently under construction on the Southbury bank, between the two bridges. The first stage of construction of the trestle requires that piles, or supports, be driven into the ground. DOT has already begun this operation during the day from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM; residents may notice that this generates noise and vibrations. The State is required to monitor both—noise by noise meters, and vibrations by a seismograph near the bridge.

Beginning on Tuesday, October 20, pile driving hours of operation will be extended, from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM, Monday through Friday, in order to accelerate the trestle construction and, ultimately, the reconstruction of the bridges. These extended hours are anticipated to last eight to ten weeks, weather permitting. Daytime pile driving and trestle construction will continue for the next several months.

Any concerns can be directed to the Connecticut Department of Transportation at 203-598-6688 or

Please visit the website for more information, and sign up to receive construction alerts:

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