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2/8/2021 - Animal Control Warns About Coyote Attacks in Southbury

Southbury Animal Control would like to inform all residents that coyotes have now begun their mating season, which ranges from January to April/May. During this time, coyotes have heightened testosterone levels that can increase their aggressive tendencies and cause them to become very territorial.

Unfortunately, on the evening of 01/31/21, there were multiple coyote attacks on dogs in the Dublin Road and Bucks Hill Road area. All dogs were seen by veterinarians and are stable and recovering.

Although this is common behavior for coyotes during their mating season, Southbury Animal Control has strict Rabies protocol to follow when wildlife encounters take place. Because of this, Southbury Animal Control would like to urge all pet owners to report wildlife encounters immediately. The dogs have been placed on 45 day strict confinements and will be monitored for any symptoms. If the pets had not had Rabies vaccinations, they may have been placed on a six month quarantine, or even been subject to mandated euthanasia as Rabies virus poses a public health and safety issue. This serves as a reminder of the importance of vaccinations for pets.

Animal Control asks owners to make certain that all pets, indoor and outdoor, are up to date with their rabies vaccinations. Animal Control would like to remind pet owners to supervise their pets and to be cautious of leaving them unattended while outdoors, especially during the evening. Some common symptoms of rabies can be unprovoked aggression, difficulty walking, and excess salivation. If you or your pet have had contact with wildlife, call Southbury Animal Control and follow up with a healthcare provider and/or veterinarian.

For further questions, or to report wildlife contact with a human or pet, please call Southbury Animal Control at 203-262-0613.

Information on coyote behavior and facts can be found on CT DEEP’S website at

Rabies fact sheets, full list of symptoms, and other information can be found at

Melody Sandquist,
Southbury Animal Control Officer