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3/31/2021 - Southbury Launches Online Permitting

The Town of Southbury is proud to announce the launch of a new online permitting system. The introduction of the City Squared system to request building and zoning permits online minimizes the need for residents and contractors to visit Town Hall. The permitting system is open to everyone and is easily found on the Town website home page and on the Building and Zoning Department pages.

Those who have used the City Squared system in other towns can use their existing account. Payment can be made online with a credit card or electronic check transfer from a bank account. Users may also choose to mail in a check or deliver in person.

The Building Inspector will soon utilize a tablet for inspections that inputs the results directly into the permitting system from the field. This technology more efficiently shares electronic information with other departments. Previously, the permitting process was paper based. “Online permitting is something the Town has considered since pre-COVID-19,” says First Selectman, Jeff Manville, who spearheaded the effort. “The pandemic escalated the need. We quickly developed a plan to move to the new system and worked together to complete the implementation.”

Current IT Director, David Richards, assumed management of the project after Ray Mather retired as department head. “We will be making improvements as we receive feedback from users,” says Richards. “It is a fluid process to make the system operate optimally for the public.”

Visitors to the Building and Zoning Departments, located on the third floor of Town Hall, are directed to kiosks where they can submit a permit application online. There are instructions beside each kiosk and on the website to help residents navigate the system, and staff are available to assist as needed. “The system is user-friendly,” says Amy Gulick, Building and Zoning Administrator. “People seem happy to have the option to obtain permits remotely, especially due to the pandemic. The web based system is easily accessed from home or at Town Hall and helps to streamline the permitting process.”

Economic Development Director, Kevin Bielmeier, sees this move to online permitting as an example of the Town’s forward thinking. “Improving customer service for residents and businesses is important to the administration. From a business perspective, time is money. Reducing the approval time for obtaining a permit helps businesses’ bottom lines.”

The Town is optimistic that the new permitting system will help move Southbury into the digital age and welcomes user feedback for improvements as the system launches. Staff are ready and willing to help the public transition to the online process and are available to answer any questions residents and contractors might have. Please contact the Building and Zoning departments for assistance with the new system.