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6/8/2022 - Southbury Honored with Sustainable CT Certification

Southbury is among five Connecticut municipalities to be recognized this spring for achieving Sustainable CT certification. Southbury met high standards in a broad range of sustainability accomplishments to qualify for the prestigious Bronze level certification. The highest level of certification currently offered is Silver.

Sustainable CT, a statewide initiative that inspires and supports communities in becoming more efficient, resilient, and inclusive, announced its 2022 spring certified communities this week.

“Southbury had already been following sustainability practices for a long time,” says Jeff Manville, First Selectman of Southbury. “This program allows us to be recognized for doing so and tighten our focus on new areas that we can address.”

In its application for Sustainable CT certification, Southbury demonstrated significant achievements in actions in 12 sustainable impact areas ranging from inclusive community building, thriving local economies, and vibrant arts and culture, improving energy efficiency to clean transportation and diverse housing. Southbury successfully completed actions including offering resources and supports to local businesses, providing watershed education, protection and restoration; education on responsible water usage, providing effective community communications, and developing a food waste prevention campaign.

“It is very gratifying to achieve Bronze,” says Chuck Litty, team leader for the certification effort and founder of the nonprofit, Sustainable Southbury. “Our goal is to help Southbury become an even more sustainable community. We built our grassroots organization on the framework of Sustainable CT and look at sustainability as an ongoing pursuit that we will continue to strive for.”

Sustainable CT has seen strong momentum and growth as a valuable, high-impact program. One-hundred twenty-nine municipalities have registered for the program. Collectively, sixty-six municipalities have earned Sustainable CT certification. Certification lasts for 3 years, with submissions rigorously evaluated by independent experts and other Sustainable CT partners.

“Congratulations to our newest Sustainable CT certified communities,” said Lynn Stoddard, Executive Director of the program. “They join a growing number of certified towns and cities that are demonstrating municipal practices that make our communities more inclusive, healthy, connected, and strong.”

The program includes actions that help towns and cities build community connection, social equity, and long-term resilience. It includes an action roadmap and support tools that are especially relevant as towns seek practices and resources to promote racial justice and respond to the on-going challenges posed by COVID-19.

Sustainable CT is independently funded, with strong support from its three founding funders: the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, the Common Sense Fund, and the Smart Seed Fund. Additional support is provided by: the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut, Connecticut Community Foundation, Fairfield County Community Foundation, Main Street Community Foundation, and other sponsors.

Southbury and all 2022 certified communities will be recognized later this year at Sustainable CT’s annual certification awards ceremony and celebration scheduled to be held in November. For more information, visit