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6/17/2022 - Southbury Forms Arts & Culture Subcommittee

The Southbury Economic Development Commission is pleased to announce the creation of the Arts & Culture subcommittee. This subcommittee will serve under the SEDC to promote, develop, encourage and support the arts within the community.

“This is an exciting new chapter for us.” states EDC Chair Anne Armeno. “We understand the value that arts and culture add to both the community and the local economy. This subcommittee is a starting point and long-awaited initiative that is important to promote arts and culture to the residents and businesses of our town.”

The initiative was brought to the SEDC by Commission member Kelly Keenan along with longtime resident Kim McNeill.

“Southbury has such a vibrant arts presence already,” says Keenan. “We want to be an asset to these local artists, businesses and organizations to support and promote their work, while also developing our own diverse and accessible programming.”

“In addition to being beneficial to the economy, the arts improve quality of life and help cultivate a sense of community identity,” said McNeill. “We have a number of interesting projects in mind, and can’t wait to get started. We also look forward to hearing from and collaborating with Southbury-based businesses and organizations.”

The Arts & Culture Subcommittee will be rolling out its initial programming in the coming months. If you are interested in volunteering for upcoming Arts & Culture events, please reach out to Southbury Economic Development Director, Kevin Bielmeier at

The Subcommittee will also create a monthly newsletter, "Makers Spotlight", which will feature local Southbury artists and craftspeople. It will be available at SEDC webpage or the SEDC Facebook page.

The mission of the Southbury Economic Development Commission is to support and foster a strong local economy by attracting, promoting, retaining, and engaging businesses.

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