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12/16/2022 - Southbury Taxpayers are Invited to Voice their Visions in Community Survey

The Town of Southbury Board of Selectmen has commissioned The Center for Research and Public Policy (CRPP) to conduct a phone survey among the taxpaying residents regarding renovations and updates to the Town Pool at Ballantine Park.

The Board needs your help and encourages residents to be aware of the survey taking place, and if called on a cell phone or landline number, to participate in the survey. Phone calls will come from a number 201-484-0582, show a caller ID of ‘Portable Insights’, and occur between the hours of 4:00pm and 9:00pm on weekdays and 9:00am – 2:00pm on Saturdays. The phone survey will be launched January 10th and continue until an appropriate number of responses are completed.

The phone survey consists of questions in several areas including:

  • Awareness and history of Town Pool use;
  • Awareness of pool renovation and update options;
  • General support or opposition of Town Pool renovations / updates;
  • Importance of pool features to the community; and
  • Tax implications of different pool options.

The Town will hold an information session at Town Hall on Thursday, December 29th at 7:00pm and Saturday, January 7th at 11:00am during which time information will be presented about the various options and questions will be answered. It is not mandatory to attend these information sessions to participate in the surveys.

In addition to the phone survey, there will be an open and inclusive opportunity for residents to still voice their opinion about the Town Pool by taking an online version of the survey. The survey will open January 10th and remain available for input until January 26th. Two ways to complete the survey include:

  • Online: Visit the survey directly at or find the survey link on our website at
  • Paper Version: If you prefer to take a hardcopy version of the survey instead of online, you may pick up one copy, per person at the Southbury Public Library (100 Poverty Road), the Tax Office (501 Main St South #204) or the Southbury Senior Center/Parks and Recreation (561 Main St South)

It’s important to note, while there will be two versions of the survey, if you are called to participate in the phone survey, please do so even if you have submitted a response online.

The results of the survey will guide the Board of Selectmen and Finance on the potential for future updates to the Town Pool. The Town will hold information hearings by the beginning of March to collect more input from the community. After considering the input from the hearings and the survey results, they will make a recommendation around March 15th on whether an option to build a new pool should be included as a separate question on the May 7th referendum along with the Town and School budgets.

More information about the survey and pool updates will be available in the coming weeks on the Town’s website.


ABOUT THE SURVEY: The survey is conducted by The Center for Research & Public Policy, Inc. (CRPP) headquartered in Vermont. CRPP is a national research and public policy think tank working within six distinct disciplines: Market, Social, and Public Policy Research as well as Public Opinion, Political and Direct Democracy Research.