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6/28/2023 - Free Food Scrap Recycling Comes to Southbury!

Food scraps will be accepted for drop-off at the Southbury Transfer Station starting July 1!

This pilot program is sponsored by Sustainable Southbury, a local non-profit organization, and the Town of Southbury. This is an important initiative to help reduce Connecticut’s waste crisis and stop feeding valuable food scraps to landfill. “We must do something to address the waste crisis and get ahead of rising costs. Food scrap recycling is one solution that can save money and reduce trash” says Sustainable Southbury founder, Chuck Litty.

Residents can collect food scraps in a container with or without BPI-certified compostable bags and drop them off in the large containers at the Transfer Station Food Scrap Recycling area. Food Scrap Recycling Guide can be found at Residents may also buy an optional “Starter Kit” for $35 that comes with an instruction guide, a countertop pail, a larger transport and storage pail, and a roll of compostable bags for each pail.

Sustainable Southbury volunteers are at the Transfer Station Tuesdays and Saturdays educating residents on the program, selling the starter kits, and spreading the word about how food scrap recycling can help reduce the town’s trash output by as much as 22%. The food scraps will go to a composter or Quantum Biopower, saving dollars on trash hauling and creating compost or clean energy.

Residents are encouraged to spread the word about the program. Find out more or volunteer to help at or email

food scrap recycling program flyerfood scrap recycling program guide flyer