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11/7/2023 - Official Southbury Municipal Election Results-November 7, 2023

Shall the Town of Southbury establish a police department independent of the Resident State Trooper Program, including the employment of a Chief of Police? 3627 1626

First Selectman Tim O'Neil D 2657
  Jeffrey A. Manville R 3236
Board of Selectmen Justin Bette D 2809
Kim McNeill
D 2451
Jenn Fenn
D 2478
Holly Sullivan
R 2967
Gregory Kuehn R 2887
Jason A. Buchsbaum R 3090
Board of Finance Tom Connor D 2768
Cathy De Carli D 2856
John A. Michaels R 3652
Board of Finance Alternates Steven Giacomi R 3792
Board of Assessment Appeals Diane Barros D 2505
  Dennis Dwyer R 3181
Planning Commission Lawrence Adzima R 3619
  Richard M. Teardo R 3566
  Robert Harrison
R 3626
Planning Commission Alternates Jason A. Van Stone R 3802
Zoning Commission Rod Ashby D 2737
  Mark Lee D 2777
  Susan Monteleone R 3547
Zoning Commission Alternates Martin Ludorf R 3850
Zoning Board of Appeals Len LaBonia R 3606
Mark Kane R 3594
Zoning Board of Appeals Alternates Gary Garofalo R 3721
Inland Wetlands Commission Carl H. Hornbecker R 3723
  Robert LaFlamme R 3539
Inland Wetlands Commission Alternates Thaddeus Burr R 3742
Regional Board of Education Steven Suriani R 3639
  Heather Dwyer R 3722
Sharon Attick R 3472