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1/8/2024 - Tuesday Night / Wednesday Night Storm Information

A POWERFUL WINTER STORM PASSING TO OUR WEST ON TUESDAY NIGHT IS EXPECTED TO BRING 2–3 INCHES OF RAIN AND STRONG DAMAGING WINDS TO OUR AREA. HIGH WIND WARNINGS ARE IN EFFECT FOR PARTS OF THE STATE. Our area will be on the eastern side of this storm, and we can expect strong damaging winds and heavy rain to melt much of the snowpack from yesterday’s storm. The melting snow (equal to 1” of water) may add to the 2”–3”+ of expected rainfall and could cause moderate urban and small stream flooding Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.

Because this storm is likely to involve both significant rainfall and snow melt, it is recommended that access to drains (driveway, storm, etc...) be cleared of snow and debris in advance in order to maximize water flow in and around your property.