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2/8/2024 - Southbury Celebrates 350 Years with a Traveling Community Quilt Exhibition

Southbury's 350th Anniversary Community Quilt will embark on a tour across the town before finding its permanent home at the Southbury Town Hall. This unique piece of art, which symbolizes the rich tapestry of Southbury's history and community spirit, will be displayed at various key locations around the town.

The tour schedule is as follows:

  • Southbury Senior Center: February 14 - March 1
  • Southbury Training School, Administration Building: March 4 - March 22
  • Heritage Hotel: March 25 - April 12
  • Southbury Public Library: April 15 - May 3

At each location, the Community Quilt will be on view during regular business hours, allowing ample opportunity for all to admire the craftsmanship and stories woven into every stitch of this extraordinary quilt.

The Community Quilt Project came together to celebrate Southbury - past, present and future. It commemorates Southbury’s 350th Anniversary and pays tribute to the original Tercentennial quilt produced 50 years prior. The project was announced in January 2023 by the Arts & Culture Subcommittee of the Southbury Economic Development Commission, who called on residents to contribute quilt squares that centered on a theme of “Home Sweet Home Southbury”. The finished product consists of over 50 beautiful, hand-crafted squares submitted by residents, community organizations, as well as contributions from our dedicated police, fire and ambulance services.

Following the tour, the quilt will be permanently installed at the Southbury Town Hall, serving as a lasting tribute to the town's 350th anniversary and a reminder of the community's shared history and unity.

For more information regarding the 350th Anniversary Community Quilt Project visit For any questions regarding the Tour, please contact Kelly Keenan, Chair of the Arts and Culture Subcommittee at

people viewing 350th quilt

Southbury’s 350th Anniversary Commemorative Quilt on display at Southbury Public Library last November.