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6/6/2024 - Coyotes Information

Southbury Animal Control would like to inform all residents of the recent increase sightings of coyotes around our town. Although coyotes are rarely a threat to humans, they can injure and kill pets. Coyotes have been part of Connecticut’s natural landscape for decades. Coyotes can be active during the day or at nighttime.

Residents are advised to take the following steps in an incident they see a coyote:

  • Scare them away if you see them! If you see a coyote: shout, bang pots, loud whistle or air horns.
  • Keep small animals inside! Cats and small dogs can become a meal for a hungry coyote. Supervise your small pet when it is outside.
  • When walking, keep your dog on a leash. If you see a coyote, do not run, pull your animal in close to you and gradually back up keeping your eyes on the animal. Stand up tall and make yourself look larger. Make loud noises such as yelling or screaming as you slowly back away.
  • Do Not Feed! This includes leaving out scraps for outdoor or feral cats. Secure garbage bins.

Rabies can be transmitted by any mammal, including coyotes. If you see any mammal that appears to be drunk or extremely lethargic, staggering, please call Southbury Animal Control or Southbury Police Department.

To report any coyote issues or for information, please call:

  • Southbury Animal Control at 203-262-0613 or
  • State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Wildlife Division at 860-424-3011.

For immediate public threats, call:

  • Southbury Police Department at 203-264-5912 or
  • DEEP’s Emergency Dispatch Office at 860-424-3333.

If you have any questions or concerns please call us, we are happy to help in any way that we can.

Southbury Animal Control