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350 Years of Southbury

350th Anniversary Community Quilt Project

quilt book cover

The Community Quilt Project is a celebration of Southbury - past, present and future. It commemorates Southbury’s 350th Anniversary and pays tribute to the original Tercentennial quilt produced 50 years prior.

The project was announced in January 2023 by the Arts & Culture Subcommittee of the Southbury Economic Development Commission calling for residents to contribute quilt squares that centered on a theme of “Home Sweet Home Southbury". In the months that followed, residents and organizations of Southbury produced more than 50 beautiful, intricately crafted quilt blocks honoring that theme.

This digital book accompanies the quilt and provides information about the people and stories behind each quilt block. Click to view the 350th Anniversary Community Quilt book.

For additional information or inquiries about the Community Quilt Project, please email