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Tax Collector

501 Main Street South
(Room 204)

Southbury, CT 06488
Maps and Directions
P:(203) 262-0654
F:(203) 264-9762
Monday - Thursday:
8:00am - 4:30pm
Fri: 8:00am - 1:00pm

General Tax Questions

Please Note: questions relating to the following topics need to be directed to the Assessor's Office:

  • Assessed Value - Additions Or Deletions
  • Adjustments To Assessed Value
  • Benefit Programs For The Elderly Or Disabled
  • Veteran Benefit Programs

How can tax payments be made?

Please visit Paying Taxes page for details.

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I changed my address at the post office, why is my bill being sent to the old address?

All address changes must be changed in writing and directed to the Tax Collector's office. You can use the Change of Address form. Real estate & personal property (business) addresses will be forwarded to the assessor's office. Motor vehicle addresses are taken from the actual department of motor vehicle registration.

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What do I own that is subject to taxes?

Three types of property are assessed & subject to taxes:

  • Real estate: any land or buildings you own fall under this category.
  • Motor vehicle: registered vehicles such as cars, trucks, trailers and motorcycles fall under this category.
  • Personal property: very general and made up of machinery, equipment, furniture and fixtures, unregistered vehicles, either owned or leased by business and or industry fall under this category.
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When should I expect my tax bill?

Tax bills are mailed out the last day of June each year.

Real estate and personal property tax bills totaling $100 or less are due in a single installment on July 1st.

Motor vehicle tax bills are due in a single installment on July 1st regardless of the amount due.

Remember - that when you receive your tax bill nine months of the year covered by the bill have already passed. Never ignore a tax bill. Taxes will remain due and interest will continue to accumulate until the bill is paid.

If you fail to receive your tax bill, call the Tax Collector’s office at 203-264-0654. Failure to receive a tax bill does not exempt taxes or interest, you are responsible for obtaining your tax bill and paying the taxes on time. CT State Statue 12-130.

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What happens if I pay late?

Payments made or postmarked after the last day to pay without a penalty are subject to interest at the rate of 1.5% per month ($2 minimum) from the original due date-i.e., a payment made or postmarked on August 2nd is subject to a 3% interest (1.5% per month for July & August).

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Can the interest on my tax bill be waived?

NO - the Tax Collector does not have the authority to waive interest and makes no exceptions. As owner of any type of property subject to taxation, the taxpayer is responsible to see that the taxes are paid when due. CT General Statute 12-146.

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Should I save part of the bill for the second installment?

Yes - the Southbury Tax Office sends only one tax bill each year:

Section A of the bill - is for the July payment,
Section B - is for the January payment and
Section C - is for your records

Sign up for our Tax e-alert, and an email reminder will be sent to you.

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Can I have a receipt?

If you wish to have a receipt returned to you, send the entire bill and a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your payment. During periods of high volume, please be patient. We will not send a receipt if you fail to enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

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Do I need to save my receipts?

YES - tax bills are collectible for 15 years from the due date of the tax. Taxpayers are responsible for maintaining their own receipts for income tax purposes and proof of payment.

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