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6/27/2019 - Robbery of the Heart: A Holocaust Documentary Screening on July 23, 2019

On Tuesday, July 23, 2019 from 7-8:30pm, join us for a screening of the documentary “Robbery of the Heart,” directed by Micah Brandt.

Closed captions are not available for this film.

The tranquil feudal hamlet of Wetter, Germany was an ideal place to fall in love. It was not acceptable in the 1920's for a Jewess and a Christian to conceive of building a life together. That was the case for Flora Hess and Fritz Kutsch. Their short-lived happiness, however was shattered by a new cruel reality. In fact, the entire community would be torn apart as Germans enslaved Germans. Separated only by religion, some neighbors became oppressors while others became the victims scarring Wetter for generations. Fast forward 70 years when the past and the present come face to face to reconcile the dismemberment of their once serene existence. A boy who once escaped the brutal reach of the Nazis would return to Wetter a man seeking resolution of the past.

This is the first time this film is being shown in Connecticut, and will include a Q&A with Harry and Eva Weichsel after the film.

In 2018 Micah Brandt completed his Directorial debut of, 'Robbery of the Heart," a passion project 10 years in the making. Moving forward Micah is continuing to work on several documentary projects. Micah has been awarded Best Documentary Feature for his work on "Robbery of the Heart" at the 2019 Poppy Jasper Film Festival.

Harry Weichsel of Bridgeport, escaped Nazi Germany along with his mother Flori. His biological father died on the Russian Front, His Uncle Oscar along with his grandmother and grandfather were murdered in concentration camps.

Eva Weischel was born in Bridgeport CT and later became a High School History teacher in Simsbury, CT.

Like all Southbury Public Library programs, this presentation is free to attend and open to anyone regardless of town of residency. Space is limited and registration is required. Please call 203-262-0626 ext. 130 to register.