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5/24/2022 - LGBTQ+ 101 and How to Be a Supportive Ally Talks for Teens and Adults

The Southbury Public Library invites interested teens in Grades 6-12 and adults to join us for our talks “LGBTQ+ 101 and How to Be a Supportive Ally.” There will be a separate talk for each age group: the adult centered talk is on Thursday, June 23 from 7-8pm and the teen centered talk for Grades 6-12 will be on Thursday, June 30 from 7-8pm. Both talks will be in person and held in the Kingsley Room.

Both talks have the same description, but each talk’s content will be tailored for each age group.

Adult talk: Thursday, June 2, 2022 from 7-8pm in the Kingsley Room
Teen talk (Grades 6-12): Thursday, June 30, 2022 from 7-8pm in the Kingsley Room

Event description: Have you ever wondered what different LGBTQ+ terms mean or wanted to be supportive but aren’t sure where to start? Join us for this friendly and approachable talk with Mel Cordner of QPlus exploring what different LGBTQ+ terms mean and how to be a supportive ally. This 101 level talk is designed to be beginner friendly and assumes no prior knowledge.

This interactive lecture will allow attendees to learn more about LGBTQ+ vocabulary and identity, as well as ways to be a better ally to members of the community. Learn more about the experiences of the queer community, the unique challenges queer people face, and the ways allies can intervene. We will discuss direct immediate personal interventions, like interrupting bullying or harassment, as well as structural supports allies can offer, like advocating for an update to their school or workplace policies. In the spirit of allyship, please join us for a collaborative art project immediately after the presentation.

Registration is encouraged. Learn more and register at

About the presenter: These talks are given by Q Plus, a Connecticut nonprofit dedicated to uplifting and empowering queer youth through programs like open mics, skill and advocacy workshops, game nights, support groups, and GSA support. Youth programs are created and facilitated based on needs identified by young people. Q Plus has visited or consulted with dozens of GSAs and schools across the state, and even offers resources like workshops, trainings, consultations, and a parent support group to adults who support queer youth. These talks will be given specifically by the founding leader of Q Plus, Mel Cordner (they/them). They have years of experience running programs and events for youth, and facilitating trainings for adults and youth alike on topics like gender, sexuality, neurodiversity, consent, college activism, and youth culture and leadership development.

These programs are sponsored by the Friends of the Southbury Public Library, free, and open to residents of any town in the appropriate age groups.

Adult program link:

Teen program link: