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8/27/2021 - Southbury Zoning Department Provides Information to Residents Regarding New Cannabis Law

In response to Southbury residents’ questions concerning Connecticut’s new cannabis law, the Southbury Zoning Department published information on their website and created a pamphlet to disseminate accurate information about this new legislation.

The Southbury Zoning Commission intends to adopt a temporary nine-month moratorium on cannabis establishments in town. This will afford the Commission the opportunity to carefully craft a regulation addressing the topic. A public hearing regarding the moratorium will be held on September 8, 2021 at 7:30pm in Room 205 of the Southbury Town Hall. No decisions will be made at this meeting regarding cannabis establishments. This meeting is solely for the enactment of the moratorium.

The establishment and changing of zoning regulations to regulate cannabis requires a separate public hearing and at such time residents will have an opportunity to voice their opinions. The date of this public hearing has yet to be determined.

To learn more about the new law or to download the pamphlet, “Southbury’s Guide to the New Cannabis Law”, please visit the Town of Southbury’s website at Paper copies of the pamphlet are currently available in the Southbury Zoning Department and various municipal offices.