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501 Main Street South
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Southbury, CT 06488
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P:(203) 262-0674
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Revaluation Program

The Town of Southbury, CT has hired Vision Government Solutions Inc. to complete its state-mandated revaluation program. The project will establish market value as of October 1st, 2022, which will be reflected in the tax bills issued in the summer of 2023. The project has commenced this January with the mailing of data information forms to all property owners. Residents are requested to review their property information carefully, indicate any necessary changes and return the form to the Assessor’s office by January 21, 2022.

Additionally, Vision Data Collectors will be in the field inspecting all properties that have open building permits as well as sales that have taken place in Southbury since January 1st, 2021.

Data Collectors will have a Vision Government Solutions Inc. photo ID, carry a letter of identification from the Assessor’s Office and will be registered with the Southbury Police Department.

Frequently Asked Questions

I received a letter in the mail from VISION Government Solutions Inc. Is it legitimate?

Yes, this company has been hired by the Town of Southbury to help conduct its State-mandated reassessment program, which is now required every five years. The new assessments from this program will be effective for the October 1, 2022 Grand List.

Do I mail the data mailer back to VISION Government Solutions Inc.?

The letter does have a return address of 1 Cabot Road, Suite 100, Hudson, MA 01749, and is the address of the VISION Government Solutions, Inc. You may also email the response to, fax it to (508) 351-3797 or bring it to the Assessor’s Office or put in the Tax Collector's drop box at Southbury Town Hall, 501 Main Street South.

What is a Revaluation?

A Revaluation is the process of conducting the Data Collection and Market Analysis necessary to equalize the values of all properties within a municipality for the purpose of a fair distribution of the tax burden.

Why is a Revaluation needed?

A Revaluation eliminates the value inequities that the past five years may have created. This equalization is accomplished by estimating the current market value (as of October 1, 2022) of each and every parcel of real estate in the Town of Southbury.

Will my property have an inspection?

This revaluation is a data collection on all properties throughout the Town of Southbury. We will not need to inspect the interior unless you have a building permit or sale that has taken place since January 1st, 2021. An inspection may occur upon request or if discrepancies in the data collection process require more information.

Who will inspect the property?

Please know, all VISION Government Solutions, Inc. representatives and their vehicles are registered with the police department and all field personnel will be wearing a company-issued identification badge. Property owners are encouraged to ask for this identification. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Assessor's Office at 203-262-0674. VISION Government Solutions, Inc. staff are not prepared to answer questions regarding current values or Town laws.

What qualifications do the appraisers have?

Each person employed on this project is certified by passing the State of Connecticut’s qualification testing. Each has met the educational, experience and exam requirements defined by the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management, Intergovernmental Affairs Unit for the phase they are involved in.

What is market value and who determines my property value?

Market value is determined by the activity in the real estate market and the general economy. The value of your property is based on an analysis of the entire market for the full two calendar years before the completion of the Revaluation Project. It is the Assessor’s job to research and analyze the values in any particular area or neighborhood. In effect, they do what you would do to determine the selling price when putting your property up for sale. The Assessor has specific guidelines to follow. Factors that are examined for each property are: location, size, quality of construction, age of improvements, topography, utilities, zoning restrictions, if any, etc.

Will a Revaluation increase taxes?

A Revaluation may result in an increase or decrease of individual assessments; it does not mean that all property values will increase. Assessments are the base that is used to determine the tax burden. The tax burden is the amount that the Municipality must raise to operate the local government and support the many services each of us has come to expect such as schools, police, etc. If the same amount of money is to be raised after the Revaluation as the previous year and each assessment doubles, the tax rate would merely be cut in half.

When will I find out what my new market value is?

Notices will be mailed in December 2022. The estimated market value for your property will be clearly printed on the notice you receive.

How will I know if my assessment is equitable?

There are two very good methods of determining this. First, compare your property to similar properties that sold in the previous year. Your value should be in line with these sale prices. Second, if no recent sales are available, compare your assessment to other similar properties in your area using the Street Listing of Values available in the Assessor’s Office. Your value should be in line with these similar properties. Remember, very few properties are exactly alike. Your value should be comparable, but it seldom will be exactly the same as what seems to be a similar property.

What is an Informal Hearing?

Towards the end of the Revaluation, every homeowner receives a notice of their proposed valuation based on the analysis performed. These values are not final until the hearings are complete. When a homeowner has a question or concern about the proposed valuation, they are asked to call for an appointment and a date and time to meet will be set to discuss the valuation process and answer any questions the homeowner may have. An informal hearing is not a forum to discuss taxes; it is strictly meant to answer questions on the property valuations. Homeowners are asked to come prepared with questions and have compared their property to other comparable ones in their neighborhood. The Assessor / Hearing Officer will determine if a review of the property is necessary. All changes to value that occur due to a hearing will be reflected in the change notice that is sent after hearings are complete.

If I disagree with my assessment after a hearing, what are my options?

If any property owner believes the assessment on their property is in excess of its fair market value, they should first notify the Assessor’s Office. They may then appeal before the Southbury’s Board of Assessment Appeals. The Board of Assessment Appeals will review the case and make a determination as to the disposition of the appeal. Should the property owner still feel the assessment is incorrect, they may appeal to the Superior Court for the judicial district in which the Municipality is located.

Any property owners who have questions concerning the revaluation process can contact the Assessor’s Office during business hours at (203) 262-0674.