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Arts and Culture Subcommittee of the EDC

Artist of the Year Award


To celebrate and elevate the diverse talents of our local artists, from painters and potters to carvers, poets, and musicians, the 'Artist of the Year' award aims to honor an individual whose creative work not only demonstrates exceptional artistry and innovation but also enriches the cultural fabric of our community.

This award seeks to provide recognition and support to artists who inspire social change, foster community engagement, and contribute significantly to the vitality of our town's arts scene. By highlighting the achievements of these artists, we aspire to encourage artistic excellence, promote cultural dialogue, and stimulate the continuous growth of the arts in our community.

The deadline for nominations is September 1st, 2024. Finalists will be notified in October and the winner will be announced in November.

Nomination Requirements

  • A completed nomination form, including the nominee's contact information, artistic discipline, and a brief bio.
  • A letter of recommendation highlighting the nominee's contributions to the arts community, achievements, and how they meet the award criteria.
  • A portfolio of the nominee's work from the eligibility period.
  • Any other supporting materials, such as press clippings, testimonials, or a record of employment.

Considerations for Entry

  • Residency: The artist must work or reside within the town of Southbury.
  • Artistic Contribution: Eligible artists must have contributed significantly to the local arts scene within the past year (for example, exhibitions, performances, volunteering, or public artworks).
  • Nomination: Artists can be nominated by any town resident, including self-nomination, with a detailed submission showcasing their work and contributions to the community's cultural vitality.
  • Diversity of Disciplines: The award is open to artists from a wide range of disciplines, including visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, fiber arts), performing arts (music, dance, theatre), and literary arts (poetry, fiction).
  • Artistic Quality: Submissions must demonstrate a high level of creativity, originality, and technical skill, along with a commitment to advancing the arts within the community.
  • Community Engagement: The artist's work should engage with and enrich the community, whether through interactive projects, educational initiatives, or social commentary.


Use the form below to submit your nomination. Additional information should be emailed to

  • A brief bio of the nominee
  • Letter(s) of recommendation, including a detailed description of the nominee’s achievements and contributions to their field and to the community 
  • Up to 10 images, videos, or files that demonstrate the nominee’s work
  • Additional documentation to demonstrate the nominee’s excellence (publications, press clippings, testimonials, etc.

The form can also be submitted by hand or mail - click to download the nomination form.

  • If returning by hand, please drop off at Town Hall (3rd floor) – 501 Main Street South, Southbury CT at the office of Kevin Bielmeier, Director of Economic Development. Town Hall is open Monday – Thursday, 8:00am to 4:30pm, and Friday, 8:00am – 1:00pm.
  • If returning by mail, please send to the attention of Kevin Bielmeier, c/o Art Award Southbury Town Hall – 501 Main Street South, Southbury CT 06488.

The Arts & Culture Subcommittee reserves the right to exclude submissions that are inappropriate or violate community standards.

By participating, you agree to have photos of your submission shared on the Town website, social media and in event-related promotional materials. If you would like your name omitted from these publications, please specify it in the submission form below.

For questions or guidance, please email

Annual Artist of the Year – 2024 Nomination Form



By participating, you agree to have photos of your submission shared on the Town website, social media and in event-related promotional materials.