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Ivers Preserve

600 West Purchase Road
Southbury, CT 06488
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This property is contiguous to the Bassett Preserve and features hiking trails developed by Gerry Ivers (for whom it is named), a founder of the Southbury Land Trust, who is well known for his trail-blazing skills. The 67 acres of this woodland preserve were deeded to the Land Trust in 1994 by the Connecticut Legislature. An additional 8.1-acre open space set-aside was granted by the Town of Southbury thereby increasing the preserve to its present 74.8 acres. The property has some steep slopes, a vernal pool and wetlands.

Owned and managed by the Southbury Land Trust. More info at 203-264-4441, or


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For the current hiking map, please visit the Southbury Land Trust's website.

GIS Map - click on the map or the link to view the park on our GIS System. Once there, make sure to select Recreation Trails and/or Open Space in the Map Layer menu in the top right corner.


GIS map of Ivers Preserve


Preserves are open from sunrise to sunset. Please stay on designated trails. Wear red or orange during hunting season. Bring a walking stick or pole as hiking aid and to move obstacles out of the way. No dumping, littering, smoking, fires, swimming, hunting, or trapping. No motorized vehicles allowed. Help keep the preserves clean, carry in, carry out. Pets must be leashed at all times. Please clean up after your pet. Details on Southbury Land Trust's website.


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